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A Man (In Theory)

By Leah Loraditch

He says he’s majoring in Philosophy,
knows more about Plato and Socrates
than how to analyze the way I lick my lips.
We are both shallow people,
devouring each other like locusts,
his eyes focus solely
on the shadow my words cast
in the cave of our sound-play.

Lately Nietzsche just doesn’t do it for me,
I just want his skin against mine.
When he opens his mouth I don’t
want to hear the fate of a supreme divine
being, just the angels singing as his lips
hug my curves.

We are both shallow people,
exploring the binaries of
each other through our kisses.
He chooses his words carefully,
quoting Derrida
and deconstructing my outfit
with his eyes.

Still, he’s missing the point
I’m trying to make
about me and him and him and me,
but we’ll just blame
the arbitrary nature of language.

We are both shallow people
but he makes me want to know
together we can create meaning,
he can be the Baudrillard to my brain,
exploding it