Second Rate Love Poem

After reading many Centripetals that our very talented Poets & Writers of PSU has released over the years, I have to say that it is very difficult for me to pick just one of my favorite poem entries. From angst to love to even humor, I have found a favorite in nearly every category. For this blog I will post that my favorite comical (at least comical to me) poem is “Second Rate Love Poem” from Centripetal Volume 11 Issue 2 by Mark Flynn.  There are so many humorous comparisons of the temporary/ weak love the speaker has for the lover he is writing to, but being from Massachusetts, it is easy to say that the biggest one was the following:

“You are the 2008 patriots

An undefeated season

18 victories but no ring

No one quite knows the reason” (Mark Flynn, Pg 53)

All I could think of after the many “awes” and noises I assumed other readers would make was the author saying, “Oh, too soon?”

Needless to say, I laughed out loud at this poem.

Check it out here!

First Open Mic Night!

What a success!

Poets & Writers hosted their first open mic night of the semester at a new venue last Tuesday, February 5. The poets and prose writers in attendance sang out as the ambiance in the new venue, Burrito Me, paved the way for the performers. We had both open mic veterans as well as “newbies” helping to expand the range of topics from “Angst!” to Kittens, and Love to Fear. It was a great show, and the crowd was digging it. The food and drink were great.

We want to thank the newbies for stepping up and the veterans for shining some light!

The next open mic night will be on March 27 at Biedermans Deli & Pub at 6:30 PM. We will be featuring performance poet Desiree Dallagiacomo so be sure to bring both your words and your ears!